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The Montreal Diner Mug by Downslope Designs

The Montreal Diner Mug by Downslope Designs

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The Montreal Diner Mug was inspired by a DJ, a 1998 Beastie Boys show and the need I have for a very substantial 12 oz. mug in my workflow.

One day I texted Ill Beats Radio Host (KZMU Moab 7-9PM Sat.), DJ and screen printer, Chad ( Ill Prints, Moab, UT) for a little lyrical inspiration. He replied with the phrase that ended up inspiring this hand-lettered graphic which made me remember the show I had seen from the Hello Nasty Tour. Watch the video of my process here. The other side sports a classic Downslope Designs VSW logo.

The Montreal Diner Mug comes with Downslope Designs stickers including a custom glow-in-the-dark sticker of the graphic that is only available in this package.

There are ONLY 13 of these available here. PLEASE keep to two per order, our packaging is burly.

I found the setlist for you too:

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